Aviator Mk.2 preview


An Aviator / Pilot watch face presenting information in a clear easy to read Always On Display ( AOD ). Included displays are: - Day of the week at top centre of the face; - 24hr time ( in two windows either side of the day of the week window ); - Current month and date ( in two windows either side of the moon display ); - Battery charge ( "Fuel" - left small dial ); - Steps ( "Range" - right small dial ); -Metronome at top centre with a period of 2 seconds; - Image of moon that changes to reflect the current phase of the moon; and - a moon phase display consisting of a thin blue arc drawn around the moon window that changes length to indicate the phase of the moon ( full circle = full moon, half circle = 1st or 3rd quarter and blank = new moon )


Uploaded by  Michael O'Day
on 2019-04-21
Please do not copy, modify or distribute, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any part of this watch face without the explicit permission of the original creator.
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