Executive in a White Suit preview


UPDATED 24-3-2016 with visual polishes. Elegance and Prestige in a classic gold and off-white combination for upper-floor men. And for You and Me as well without the high cost ;-) Supports all new interactive features. Tap center for launcher (tap action 1), tap date for calendar (tap action 2). This face evolved from my original face "Architect". Apparently the architect got promoted. This the face he wore when still working in ground floor: https://facerepo.com/app/faces/details/architect-14ff0979e13 NEW! "Executive in a Black Suit" is now available! A black variant that will look great on your wrist, and especially suited to black watch bodies: https://facerepo.com/app/faces/details/executive-in-a-black-suit-15373b18ef4


Uploaded by  NoamG
on 2016-02-20
Ambient Features Analog Time, Date
Categories Analog, Geek, Other
Designed for Watch Urbane
App Version: 3.3.27
Please do not copy, modify or distribute, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any part of this watch face without the explicit permission of the original creator.
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