Hebrew Watch 2.0 preview


A watch with Hebrew dates and Temporal hours. The upper time display shows the time in "temporal hours", (1/12 of the time between sunrise and sunset). The outline of these numbers is blue for nighttime hours, red for daytime. Tap this time display to toggle between hour-minute format (counting "hours" from sunrise/sunset) and a clock-like HH:MM format. Underneath the display is the current length of the "temporal hour" in minutes. The yellow arc on the outside shows the daylight hours, and a small 24h hand shows the current time on it. Hebrew date is shown at the bottom, changing at sunset. Tap to toggle English and Hebrew. UPDATED: Now shows day of week, English date, battery, and select times of the day and a pointer to Jerusalem.
Please do not copy, modify or distribute, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any part of this watch face without the explicit permission of the original creator.
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