Midnight Planet v2.1 HQ preview


Midnight Planetarium with a twist and rotating rings. Planets will orbit the sun as the real world. It takes Saturn 29 years for a rotation. Time is displayed with the Shoorting Star as a 24 hour hand. Press the sun to enable zoom and movement for the Lucky Star.. Press 24 to Zoom in and out. Press 17 or 19 to move the Lucky Star. Rotate the Lucky Star around to your birthday or something special for you. Press 12 to enable sun flare. from the middle and out: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earh, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Images used is in 1524x1524, 2mb. Thanks to Metah4 for making the watch in the first place. Links for his work is in script.txt. I just pimped it to look as the real thing as close as possible.


Uploaded by  WoodStone
on 2018-11-02
Interactive Features 24h Time, Date
Ambient Features 24h Time, Date
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